2020/21 Trend Collections

We’re working hard on our 2020/21 trend collections that will be launched in three instalments.

Tactile Neutrals - Launched October 2020
Collection focusing on portraying soft and neutral colours as modern and bold choices.

Eco Brights - Launched May 2021
Highlighting sustainable solutions with bright and colourful tones is at the forefront of the inspiration behind this collection.

Ancestral Darks - Launching Autumn 2021
Drawing back on the traditional and classical tones to protect yourself against chaos of modern world is the theme here.

2018/19 Collections

Meticulous attention to detail, sophisticated hues and progressive palettes dominated in our 2019 collections with bold colours complimented by vibrant injection of accent shades.

Three separate collections focusing on different personas - bright and social, premium and professional, natural and sustainable. Click on each to request the relevant trend card.