Be the first to know – our 2020 trend collections

We’ve been hard at work for the past few months, not only creating Design for Good brand and website but also analysing future trends for our 2020 trend collections and we can’t wait to share the results with you soon.

What are ELeather trend collections?

Each year, we look at the trends most likely to dominate the next 12 months and come up with a collection of our own products that will best reflect those values knowing that what starts at fashion and lifestyle, eventually filters down to virtually all markets.

Trend collections are a great way for us to show our customers versatility of engineered leather in terms of colours and textures making it an ideal solution for both more traditional markets and ones that respond quickly to new trends.

Each collection also highlights the ability for our team of expert colour technicians and chemists to match any colour and shade – from a physical sample to pantone reference.

2018/19 Trend collections

2019 was a big year for sustainability, tactility and experience with the former dominating everything from politics to social media, fashion and virtually any other market. It’s a topic that is particularly important to us, since engineered leather was created as a solution to the problem of thousands of tons of leather ending up in landfill.

This resulted in three collections – Social Brights with vibrant accent shades contrasted against neutral mid and dark tones, Eco Lux where natural tones met sophisticated hues and Premium Pro boasting classic colours mixed with more earthy tones.

What’s 2020 got in store in terms of trend collections?

The first of our three collections, Tactile Neutrals, is due to launch at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg at the end of March.

The collection features modern yet subtle, skin-like shades contrasted against more monochrome tones. It takes inspiration from the world of soft tech, structured patterns and delivers a warm, comforting and sensual palette.

This will be followed by Eco Brights collection that aims to highlight over-consumption while hinting at repurposing and reusing materials. It will launch during summertime.

Our final collection, Ancestral Darks aims to evoke feelings of a cosy escape from the chaotic world outside and one where tradition meets modernity. This collection will launch in winter.

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