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Welcome to Design for Good which is an ELeather publication.

This website has been created to provide designers across all markets with the information and support they need to specify engineered leather in their projects.

Who is ELeather?

ELeather is the pioneer of engineered leather. The company reduces waste, increases performance and enables brands to create extraordinary products and memorable experiences for consumers while achieving a significantly lower environmental footprint.

Born in the UK, ELeather has grown to supply industries ranging from transport to footwear across more than 40 countries. Read more about ELeather.

And what is engineered leather?

Engineered leather is an advanced material known for uncompromised quality of look and finish with a superior performance capability.

This makes it the material of choice for many global brands across various markets and provides them with competitive advantage over those who use alternative material options.

ELeather remains the original and only creator of engineered leather thanks to its carefully developed and patented manufacturing process.

Find out how engineered leather is made and how to work with it.

Driving material change

ELeather’s philosophy is centred around the fact that too many o the world’s limited resources are being unnecessarily wasted each day.

Did you know that for every ton of traditional leather, up to three quarters becomes waste? 

Engineered leather is made with up to 50% traditional leather fibres which means that each year the company saves thousands of tons of leather that would otherwise end up in landfill.

By diverting leather waste from landfill, ELeather are evolving it to become a more responsible, desirable and performance driven material that is making a measurable difference in sustaining our planet’s resources.

Read more about ELeather’s sustainability credentials.

Why Design for Good?

There is always a way to make a positive contribution. As consumers demand higher performing and more environmentally friendly solutions, brands must learn to adapt their offerings to stay competitive. Small tweaks work as a short-term measure – To make a real difference, changes must start at the source – using responsibly produced yet robust materials.

We’d like to encourage designers to design for the good of the planet by using sustainable materials. Design things that are going to last longer and be more durable to reduce waste. Come up with pioneering designs and choice of materials to stay ahead of the crowd.

If you have any questions about engineered leather or Design for Good, don’t hesitate to contact us.