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We have developed ‘Design for good’ because we believe that design should be done responsibly, considering the impact on our planet. It should also utilise sustainable and durable materials that last longer – let’s waste less and recycle more.

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Discover engineered leather

ELeather is THE sustainable leather alternative. It’s developed and manufactured in UK but it’s used worldwide by brands that want beautiful products made from environmentally responsible materials.

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Why engineered leather?


It’s more environmentally friendly than leather and “faux” materials.


It’s durable and high-performing with increased yield.


It comes in a variety of textures and unlimited number of colours.


It’s a one of a kind material that retains the luxury look & feel of traditional leather.

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It’s contemporary and stylish.

Eleather - How its made


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Best wishes to all of our customers celebrating Thanksgiving today from everyone at ELeather.
It’s fantastic to see @britishvogue identifying upcycling as the biggest trend in fashion right now. Whether you’re upcycling or recycling, there’s always a way to re-use what is often discarded. With enough creativity, it can be turned into treasure. Just look at sustainable, engineered leather! 

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Embrace the use of sustainably produced materials. Let us show you the potential of engineered leather in design. 

Our Tactile Neutrals trend book includes metallic colours, a new grain and even embossed samples. 
Message us to request yours. 

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Essence really is the full package. It brings superior performance to a new, improved material. 

Not only it’s our most hygienic product yet with built-in antimicrobial technology, but it also contains more recycled content and a natural finish that delivers a soft feel. 
And all of that without compromise on performance and durability our customers expect. 🙌

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